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Little Miss Robinson Crusoe



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About the book

Embark on an adventure with Leona Robinson, who defies authority, and finds herself cast away into a world of peril and wonder. Shipwrecked alone on a tropical island where nothing is quite as it first appears, Leona must be resourceful if she is to find her way home. Her courage, wit, and indomitable spirit will capture your imagination, sending you back over a hundred years to enjoy this classic tale that once captivated so many young readers.

This forgotten children’s novel was first published in 1898 by Mrs Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett — then a popular feminist writer of adventure and detective stories. We've revived it from the out-of-print annals of history, allowing the tale to still be enjoyed 125 years later!

About the author

Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett (1846-1930) was born in Wigan and later moved to Newcastle, where she wrote as a journalist for the Newcastle Chronicle, before finally settling in London. In 1868, she married George Corbett, who worked on steam engines and later marine engines. They had four children, three of whom survived to adulthood. She passed away in Walton-on-the-Naze, a seaside town in Essex, at the age of 84.

Corbett wrote across a variety of genres, including detective stories, children’s adventures, and speculative science fiction. Her works often feature strong female characters and themes of female independence — and in When the Sea Gives Up its Dead (1894), she is credited with writing one of the earliest female detectives in fiction.

Often publishing under her husband’s name, as ‘Mrs George Corbett,’ Elizabeth authored 17 novels and short story collections. Many of her stories were originally published in magazine serials.